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Famous Bristolians

Famous Bristolians

Here's our guide to famous celebrities who are from Bristol or have lived in the city.

Famous Residents and Former Residents of Bristol
Derren Brown, Tony Robinson,Ewan Blair (Son of Tony Blair PM),Adam Hart Davies, Sophie Anderton (Model), Kate Adie (Broadcaster), Tony Benn (MP),Tony Bullimore (Mariner), Robin Cousins, Keith Floyd, Nick Park, Colin Pillinger, Johnny Ball,Carol Vorderman, Sir Humphry Davy, Blackbeard the Pirate, and PAT ;-).

Actors - see Filmed in Bristol
Cary Grant, Jeremy Irons, Paul McGann,James Redmond,David Nielson (Coronation Street),Stephanie Cole, Anthony Head, Dave prowse (Darth Vader), Hugo Weaving

Damien Hirst, Martin Parr, Beryl Cook

Justin Lee Collins, Lee Evans, Bill Bailey, Matt Lucas and David Walliams (Little Britain), John Cleese,

Massive Attack, Tricky, Roni Size, Portishead, Kosheen, Bananarama, Sean Moore (Manic Street Preachers), Elizabeth Frasier (Cocteau Twins), Neneh Cherry, Andy Shepherd (Saxophonist), Alison Goldfrapp,

Literary - see Literary Bristol
Thomas Chatterton, J K Rowling,Helen Dunmore, Robert Southey

Famous local grafitti artist at the centre of controversy about whether his work is art or vandalism. See Banksy for where to find Banksy's work in Bristol.

Cary Grant Born Archibald Leach in Horfield, Bristol, Grant's first role in theatre was working at the Bristol Hippodrome. He made over 70 films and became one of the best-loved actors of all time. He remained a regular visitor to Bristol, usually staying in the Royal Hotel, now known as the Bristol Marriott Royal. In 2001, to mark the 70th anniversary of Grant's arrival in Hollywood, Bristol unveiled a new Cary Grant statue in Millennium Square, At Bristol.

John Cabot
Italian-born explorer who sailed from Bristol to Newfoundland on the Matthew in 1497. May have lived in St Nicholas Street. Cabot statues can be seen outside the Arnolfini and the Council House. The Cabot Tower was erected on Brandon Hill in 1897 in commemoration of his voyage.

Sir Humphrey Davy (1778-1829)
Famous for discovering laughing gas and inventing the miners' safety lamp, Sir Humphrey Davy had a laboratory in Dowry Square, Hotwells.

Princess Caraboo
'Princess Caraboo' appeared in Almondsbury, near Bristol in 1817, speaking a strange, foreign language. The quest to identify her became a local sensation. A mystery visitor claimed she had identified herself as Princess Caraboo of Javasu, and had escaped from a ship to whose captain she had been sold by pirates, but she was later exposed as being Mary Willcocks of Devon. Her story was made into a major feature film 'Princess Caraboo'.

John Loudon McAdam (1746-1836)
McAdam came to Bristol in 1801 and lived in Berkeley Square. He revolutionised the process of road construction, inventing tarmacadam, now known as tarmac.

Harvey's Bristol Cream
John Harvey started a wine importing business in Bristol in 19th Century, before creating a new blend of sherry, Harvey's Bristol Cream, available today across the world.

Samuel Plimsoll (1824 - 1898)
Plimsoll was born in Colston Parade, Bristol. He campaigned against overloading ships with cargo, resulting in the introduction of the Plimsoll line on every ship to show its load line.

John Wesley (1703 - 1791)
Founder of the Methodist Church, Wesley worked and preached in Bristol. His statue can be seen outside the New Room in Broadmead, the first Methodist Chapel in the world.

Elizabeth Blackwell
The first female Doctor was born and lived in Bristol.

Hannah More (1745-1833)
Writer and social campaigner was born and raised in Bristol.

Billy Butlin lived in Bristol as a small boy and attended St Mary Redcliffe school. He returned to Bristol as an adult and had his first taste of entertainment for the masses when he opened a hoop-la stall in Lock's Yard, Bedminster.


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